Thu, Mar 09, 2017

Official Selection AFFLV 2017

NIGHT IGUANA PRODUCTIONS is proud to announce that its 1970s retro adult film, WILD WORLD OF W.I.L.F., was an official selection to the AFFLV 2017 hosted by the Erotic Heritage Museum in March 2017. WILD WORLD OF W.I.L.F. is a tribute to female sexploitation director Doris Wishman. Wishman’s breakthrough film, NUDE ON THE MOON (1961) added set design to previous nudist colony footage earning her notoriety in film and the first amendment battles. Night Iguana Productions created a Get Smart meets Lucille Ball “nudie-cutie” movie honoring her espionage genre adult films in the 70s - DEADLY WEAPONS and AGENT DOUBLE 73 featuring infamous Chesty Morgan.

JINJER JAMES stars as Agent 34DDD in this erotic spy romp through Paradise Valley. She’ll seduce you! She’ll thrill you! She’ll countermine you! RANDY SVENGALI plays Agent Merkin. The movie is directed by LARRY LOPRESTI with the GET SMART opening credits and SAUL BASS inspired movie poster done by BARON DIXON.

“Having WILD WORLD OF W.I.L.F premiere at Harry Mahoney’s Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas this past March was the ideal venue for our adult B-movie”, Producer RANDY SVENGALI shares. “It was a privilege for it to be shown in a hall commemorating adult pioneers as the Mitchell Brothers and Larry Flynt.”