Tue, Oct 31, 2017

First Plutonium Pin-up review

When I think of Science Fiction B movies, the infamous Director Ed Wood comes to mind. After watching, “The Case of the Plutonium Pin-up Project” I will now think of Phoenix underground B Sci-fi Horror film Director Larry LoPresti. Mr. Lopresti has forever imprinted in my mind the most memorable male orgasm scene I’ve ever witnessed. It was comical but strangely erotic and the atomic result is…well I won’t spoil it for you. This memorable orgasmic scene was played out by actor Randy Svengali. This surely rivals the unforgettable restaurant scene in the Hollywood film, “Sleepless in Seattle”, where actress Meg Ryan has her explosive experience.

What causes Svengali to have this euphoric explosion. A whisper. A soft sensual whisper in his ear from the nuclear physicist Doctor Polly Morphus played by the titillating actress Jinger James. What delicious words is she whispering in her victim’s ears? Wouldn’t you want to know. I certainly would. It also should be noted that Director Lopresti takes advantage of Jinger James talents and has her in several roles in this B movie delight. Look carefully and Ms James cleverly shows up in almost every scene. She especially lights up the screen with her relentless heroic portrayal of Bat Woman.

This batty Sci fi B movie is entertainment that surpasses its very low budget. For me, that is what makes a true B movie. So if you enjoy zany characters, memorable one liners, a sassy sound score (music score by Baron Dixon) with hippy go go dancers and colorful graphics then go see The Case of the Plutonium Pin-up Project and God Bless America!! - Gonzo Flores, Screenwriter, videographer