Wed, Jul 12, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: TIKI OASIS 2017 exclusive screening

ANNOUNCING the TIKI OASIS 2017 exclusive screening of Night Iguana Productions’s international espionage movie - THE CASE OF THE PLUTONIUM PIN-UP PROJECT Saturday August 12, 2017

THE CASE OF THE PLUTONIUM PIN-UP PROJECT is an “INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE” thriller reflecting the TIKI OASIS 2017 theme. Nuclear physicist Doctor Polly Morphus (played by JINJER JAMES) embarks on an adventure in search of an alternative source of plutonium to prevent delaying the next space mission to Mars. Meanwhile she must escape, with the help of a BATWOMAN,
the clutches of anti-government forces bent on using her
scientific transformative powers for global domination - a tantalizing mix of sex and science with atomic results!

The movie was directed by LARRY LOPRESTI. Special effects and musical score was done by BARON DIXON. Both have roles as traditional comic book villains.

Producer RANDY SVENGALI states “THE CASE OF THE PLUTONIUM PIN-UP PROJECT is our paean to the 60s exploitation director JERRY WARREN and his film, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN, which was legally forced to change title to SHE WAS A HIPPY VAMPIRE to be released. As artists, we like to reimagine movies from bygone days especially by long lost filmmakers that we enjoy. TIKI OASIS 2017 emphasis on cars, burlesque, 60s lounge music, costuming, tropical drinks and international intrigue makes it the perfect setting for THE CASE OF THE PLUTONIUM PIN-UP PROJECT. It was an honor to be included as a featured late night event of the weekend.”

Other films available by Night Iguana Productions include a 1930s ISLAND OF LOST SOULS homage titled DR. TRIMROSE’S CANNIBALiSTIC SEX- CRAZED BLOOD ISLAND OF THE TIKI-BOT and another 1940s Bela Lugosi homage entitled BLOOD BATH OF THE BAT BEAST.